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{Real Life} Reset: Day One!


She is 32 years old and lives in Texas with her hubby and 3 kiddos! She is a REAL person who loves cows, playing bingo, and being outdoors with her kids. Her fave color is green and she loves travel to anywhere tropical! She answered these REAL LIFE questions about the RESET!

What was your real life first thought when you heard about the Reset?


“I can’t do this but I really really want to…”

Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 11.04.01 AM.png

Why did you decide to do the Reset?

I decided to do it because I’m only getting older and self discipline is something I’ve been working on for years now. Especially being told I’m an emotional eater and keeping a food log/diary, I realized I had a lot of emotional eating and snacking going on that wasn’t benefitting me nutritionally in any way. Plus I’ve heard so much and read so much on fasting. Everything aligns so well with what RESET represented. As a leader in business and wanting my team to see its benefits I knew I needed to lead by example!


What are a couple of your fave reset products? What are some of your fave tips?

My favorite reset product is the Collagen Tomato Herb soup! I loved sprinkling “everything but the bagel seasoning” on top! It was savory and a perfect way to wind down a busy day! I also loved the restore, I mixed it in 4-6oz of cold water and “took it like a shot” before bed every night! The ingredients are top notch and played a huge role in the 3 days!

How did you feel DURING the reset and what helped you continue all three days?

Day 1, I felt unsure of myself and desires. Immediately doubt crept in, but I used my accountability fb group chat to stay the course and work through the thoughts! I felt energized, satisfied and slept so so good!

What is one unhealthy habit or mindset you have had around food for a long time that this helped you break or conquer?

An unhealthy habit I’ve had is overeating even when I feel full. We get 68 grams of protein a day with the Reset. I’ve learned that getting in protein at every meal can truly help with fullness and fat burning.

How do you think the Reset enhances or works alongside Plexus results?

I think Reset is such an impactful tool that shows off the powers of Plexus supplements and how they can truly work when used consistently and correctly!

Describe your results with the Reset?

My results shocked me! I’ve now done the reset 4 times. I have lost 6lbs every time. Since my first reset as a tester back in December, I’ve lost 20lbs! I’ve heard it’s called the “compound effect” with metabolic fasting! Every time I feel so good, and now I know what to expect and prepare my mind!

What makes you most excited about incorporating Resets as part of your wellness routine going forward?


I’m most excited because sometimes we get off track and that sounds our spirits. Some of us have this “all of nothing” mentality which isn’t how the body works. We can stop, breathe and reset for 3 days to get ourselves back on track with nutritionally supported decisions!

Who are these Resets perfect for?

I think the RESET is great for anyone over 18 that needs a kickstart on a cellular level. I mean my taste buds have def changed, I didn’t even like the taste of a chocolate sprinkle donut at church on Sunday and was shocked! I even asked my 8 year old if his tasted weird or off and he said I was crazy…. So this RESET has changed me for real!!!

What would you say to someone on the fence about giving something like this a try?

If you’re on the fence, it’s because you’re quitting before you’ve even started. Just do it. Grab a friend, hold each other accountable and stay in communication through the 3 days because you will not only challenge yourself but surprise yourself at what you’re capable of!


You can do hard things, friend!!!

Peri menopause is a bitch. No joke. I’ve gained and lost the same 3 pounds for 6 months. I workout daily. I drink my water. I’ll make the decision to be cleaner on the the food front for a few weeks, gain and lose those 2-3 pounds 2 times and go back to enjoying my snacks and wine because it was boring. And so frustrating.

I was super skeptical when the Reset was announced. Until I saw the ingredients and the products in it. Bone broth. Collagen soups. Restorative evening drinks. Matcha bars. My nutrition coach brain was in love.

68 grams of protein and all the ingredients to have an easy nutritionally supported fast for 3 days. With clinically proven results that it will reset your metabolism and restore your body at a cellular level.

Ok. Sold. At 48, with the frustrating slow down of my fat burning capability I decided to try it. It took a while to arrive in Canada and I was seeing friends down south with INCREDIBLE results, both during and after, and not going to lie, I kind of thought it was hype. I’m a skeptic, what can I say.

So happy to be WRONG.

The photos speak for themselves. Until the winter of 2019, I had fairly defined abs. The pandemic hit, peri menopause hit harder and I just couldn’t rid myself of the mid section chub. Even as I watched my body fat go down into the low to mid 20% range, that part stayed.

THREE DAYS. And there is a visible difference. And it’s not water because I’m so hydrated I could float a cruise ship. And the best part? The thought of sugar actually makes me want to barf. And I live for baseball park candy bags.

So maybe you’re like me and there’s just crap that is STUBBORN. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch and need an immediate fast track to get started.

This is a game changer. Simple. Nutritionally supported. Clinically proven. Natural. Backed by science.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.30.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.30.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.30.42 PM.png

“Holy Back fat reduction, Batman… Ok and side fat. And front fat.

I have never posted such vulnerable pictures but….

This is what the new Reset did for me.

 I’ll give it to you straight. I am a fitness and nutrition professional but age and the boredom snacking and wine drinking of the pandemic wasn’t kind to my body.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 1.37.43 PM.png

The last 2 years have been HARD on this body “ plus Menopause” y’all I got on the scale this morning and haven’t seen this # in 2 years…

I did it and I’m proud of myself!

Yesterday was challenging. I was tired! I took a salt bath, drank my Restore and went to bed early!! Woke up and I feel GREAT!!

I needed this!

It’s not about the # on the scale honestly! I don’t weigh myself ever! But I’ve felt puffy for a while now…. Pictures don’t lie.

This metabolic fast is exactly what I needed a “RESET” for my body On a cellular level!!

This isn’t a quick fix….. y’all it’s gut health! It’s science!!!

I feel so much clarity!

I slept good all week.

Haven’t used my inhaler since Colorado.

It’s given me so much encouragement!

Mindset plays a BIG role!!

I was disciplined and didn’t give up!!!

What others had to say

"Down 7lbs, zero swelling in my fingers and joints, skin is glowing and smoother, flat belly, no brain fog, not craving junk, and I’m feeling motivated to make healthy choices!
Revitalize, restore, and reset in just 3 days


Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 2.53.30 PM.png

What is included in my Plexus Reset box?

When your box arrives on your doorstep you will have everything you need for 3 full days of eating and drinking. Remember, this is a nutritionally supported fast so every item listed is strategic in how it serves your body.

Here is a list of each product in the order it is suggested you use them:

Lemon Lime Hydrate  This is an electrolyte powder that you mix with water and it tastes just like a homemade glass of lemonade. You are gonna love it as you start your day.

Lean Whey Milk Chocolate This is a protein powder with 20 g of protein, digestive enzymes, lots of clean vitamins and minerals and it tastes incredible mixed with water alone. (P.S. Some people add black coffee to their reset experience and mix it with this yummy chocolatey Lean powder.)

Slim Hunger Control  This is the Plexus claim to fame. The "pink drink" has antioxidants to help you truly "reset", prebiotics to give your gut a healthy boost in microbes, and fiber to help keep you feeling full.

Collagen Beef Broth  This is a gluten-free high protein (20g) grass-fed bovine collagen that mixes great with hot water and a frother. Find some spices to add to make it even yummier and we love drinking it out of a mug.

Starfruit Guava Active  This is motivation and mental clarity in a powder form. It has caffeine from green tea and yerba mate so it will be the perfect "pick me up" when mid-afternoon hits.

Vanilla Matcha Smart Snack  This gives you something yummy and gluten-free to chew during your reset AND it provides 7g of whey protein with gut health benefits.

Collagen Tomato Herb Soup  This 20g of protein soup is sooooo good and you can add all sorts of herbs and spices to it to jazz it up.

Plexus Restore  This is the product that solidifies the reset because it works at the cellular level to defend against toxins and stress. Pro tip: mix it with hot water to drink it like a tea.

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