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We all start somewhere...

"Hurry up! We've got to get ready!"

"Who can put on their shoes the fastest?!"

"Get in the car! We're going to be late!"

"What do you mean you forgot it... again?"

Mama. I see you. I feel you. I was you. (and sometimes still am! We're all a work in progress right?!)

But here's the deal. I was tired. Really, really, tired of living the life that felt like an episode of Groundhogs day that ended in exhaustion and with me laying in bed at night wondering if I could have done more- or if I did anything at all...

I hated dropping my kids off at school to be with someone else for seven hours knowing the last moments before they scurried to the school building was me nagging them to get ready and the struggle bus it was to get out the door (looking back- it's NOT on them- it was lack of prepping on my part- you can bet there is more coming on that!).

It seemed like every fun event we were heading to, was first marked by the inevitable struggle to get everyone dressed and out the door, and then we were rushing to beat the clock so we weren't late. (the struggle to get out the door for family pictures and then acting like we were happy- anyone else feel me on THAT one?!)

But how does it change?!

Where do you get more time? How do you wake up earlier to prep for a day when you're struggling to get up after 15 snoozes on the alarm clock? And y'all. How do you have an organized house when there are little people living in it?

It's possible. And I am excited to use this space to pass on what I've learned. NOT because I have it all together. But because I am SO thankful for the time I've invested in counseling. For the time invested in my health. And for the people I have in my life that are REAL and have passed on their tips and tricks to live a fulfilled life.

I'm a firm believer our struggles make us stronger. And struggles gain value when we pass on what we know to help others reach the mountain top, too.

It starts with 1% habit increases. It starts with knowing that so much of life is mindset. And it starts with knowing that you are worth it, your family is worth it, your sanity and living IN the moments is 100% worth the time it takes to make the changes.

So welcome to my little corner on the internet. Where I'll share some of my journey from life as a teacher, to having three kids in three years, to my struggles with health and mental wellness, and how we've failed forward over and over again to find something that works for us. Because friend, it isn't about running a marathon when you've not even gotten off the couch. In fact- I LOVE baby steps. Small habit increases over time that truly stick- instead of changing it all up at once for a few days, failing, and then adding to the lie we tell ourselves that we can't.

I don't want this to be just another space on the internet- I want it to inspire YOU to step out of the fog and live IN the beautiful chaos of your life.

If you want MORE time freedom, follow along- this is the place for us to grow together!

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