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Time Management: Free Resources

I am not an angry person, but I kinda wanted to throat punch someone.

When you're overwhelmed with life and you're not sure how to accomplish everything you want to get done, and then someone says it...

"We all have the 24 hours in a day."

Welp. Isn't that just helpful.

Here's the thing. It's true. No-one gets more or less time in a day. But what we do with it, matters. We know that. But what we don't always know, is HOW to manage it. I sure didn't.

My top tips: (along with watching this video and downloading the PDF's I made with things I use daily ;) )

  1. Learn to say NO. If it doesn't bring you joy, stop saying yes and committing to it. (unless it's work- keep going until you build a life you can say no to a job you hate, too!)

  2. Prioritize. Do the hard things FIRST. Don't wait until the end of your day when you don't have the brain function or energy to do the things that will really move your needle.

  3. Assess your current day! We can't get where we want to be without a road map of where we are currently spending (or wasting) our time.

  4. Get up earlier. In increments! If you know you want to be up 30 minutes earlier each day- start getting up 5-10 minutes earlier for a week, and then the next week increase 10 more until you get where you want to be!

  5. Tell someone your goal. Accountability is key! Tell someone your plan and WHY you're working towards it so you have someone reminding you on the tough days, to keep on going.

  6. Start your day with a positive mindset. Go listen to a podcast or type in motivation video on youtube! Hard things will come- but a positive mind will be able to keep those hard things to a hard five minutes, not a hard week and life.

  7. As Mel Robbins suggests: 5-4-3-2-1 it! When you have to make a decision, count down, and then do it. This way, your brain doesn't have the time to talk you out of it!

When I knew I needed a change, I dove in. I read books like Take the Stairs, The Five Second Rule, Atomic Habits, Know your Why, The Perfect Morning, Finish, and as I read them- I implemented small changes. (because I had already tried the method of jumping in-full body with massive changes- and sinking miserably!) Small changes overtime, add up to HUGE results!

Here is my time management video, and some free resources! Can't wait to see how this helps!!

Time Blocking Insta-2
Download PDF • 936KB

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