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Favorite Things: Home Organization Edition

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

I LOVE me a gooooood bin, basket, drawer organizer or label! But I also love saving money.

Here are some of my favorite things to organize with that won't break the bank!


MDesign Paperboard Pantry Storage

These come in different styles and colors. You can also get them on Amazon, BUT direct from this site comes with 10% off your first order, along with a cheaper price, and more in your order (4 on amazon vs. 6 on the site!)


Ikea Risatorp wire baskets

Unfortunately I don't live within four hours of an Ikea, but shipping is $6 and super fast! These baskets are great to have some visibility to what's in them, but also look super cute! I love stocking them with fruits and veggies!


Container Store Nordic Baskets with bamboo lids.

My kiddos (8 1/2, 10, & 12) have packed their own lunches for a few years now. I love having baskets where they know they can pick 1-2 snacks out for the lunch treats. The baskets need to be sturdy for their not so gentle selves, but I also love having a lid so that the mess is contained within the basket!


Container Store White Plastic Bins

Give me allllllll the bins with handles! And give it to me in white, and I'm a happy camper. These come in other colors, too! Plus, they are durable and cheaper than a lot of other options!


Amazon Drawer organizer set

This set is really sturdy and was enough to do 8 smaller drawers in my bathrooms and kitchen! I love that the organizers are able to be organized based on the space and are not hooked together!


Target: Brightroom drawer/space organizer

If you don't want to buy a whole set of organizers like the one above from Amazon, these ones from Target are a really good option!


Target: Brightroom Food Storage

Hellloooooo organized food. There are A LOT of options out there for food storage. With three younger kiddos I wasn't wanting to invest a ton knowing things will get dropped, broken, etc. I looked and the OXO pop storage but spending hundreds of dollars on food storage just wasn't something I was up for. These ones from Target have a good seal and food is staying fresh! I love that they come in different sizes and can be bought individually! They also have a squared top and stack really well!


Target: Brightroom Food Storage

I really wanted the bigger container within this set to hold ten pounds of sugar, flour and powdered sugar for my daughters baking passion! It's not sold individually, but we had no problem putting the whole set to use!

Note: If you order the The individual bright room storage containers above they are squared at the top, and the 5 set package containers are rounded. The two types don't stack together but still look great together!


Amazon Food/Cereal Storage

Cereal boxes were my nemesis until we purchased these storage containers! Brightroom also has some at Target, but I love the way these have the open and close at the top, and they fit a large box of cereal! No more ripped boxes, unsealable bags, and stale food!


Amazon Food Labels

Are labels in a clear container a must? No. But do they look amazing and make my heart happy?! YES! If you're looking for food labels with lots of options at a cheaper price- these are incredible! They also have labels for spices and pantry organization as well!


Target: Magnolia Wire Basket

I'm a sucker for a good wire basket and LOVE having spaces for my kids to organize their school and sports, while keeping it by the door so we don't spend hours looking for it when it disappears to their room! (Check out the blog about our drop space!) Since not all organized spaces are behind closed doors, I love these options for decorative storage!

Can't wait to hear how you organize your spaces!

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