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1% Habit Increases. You don't need to climb the whole staircase.

Tomorrow will be THE day.

No snooze on the alarm clock.

Workout done before anyone else is even awake.

The check list is going to get done.

The kids are going to eat healthy snacks.

The dinner that's going to be prepped and made ahead of time.

The quality time tucking in kids, reading stories, and then an actual conversation with your significant other before turning into bed.

It's. Going. To. Happen.

And then it doesn't. The alarm gets snoozed. The workout gets put off. The check list never even gets made... and the whole day snowballs until we go to bed feeling like we haven't accomplished anything.

In those moments you know what is happening?! Unrealistic expectations become truths in our head. We believe the things we tell ourselves. And the majority of what is going through our minds is negative self talk. Instead of failing forward and trying again, we stay stuck in this version of the day that was never meant to happen because there was no prep work taking place to ever even give ourselves a chance.

I'm never here to tell you to pick ALL the things and then dive in. That's not life. Habits need time to become habits.

But before we even work on the habits, we have to know WHY it's important.

What does it mean for you to have a day that's truly LIVED. Who are you doing it for? If it is because you saw some post on the internet with a clean pantry and you feel like yours should look like that, you're never ever going to really make it happen- because it doesn't mean something to you. But take the same clean space- and make it mean something in your life- it means candy on the top shelf so it's not staring you or your kids in the face all day. It means knowing what you have available so you can actually pull something out for dinner. It means not coming home from the grocery store realizing you just bought the 35th bottle of syrup because you couldn't find the first 34. It means a bin of snacks so your kids can pack their own lunches knowing which options they have to pick from, and more time freedom for you. It means opening a cupboard without it all coming down in an avalanche on top of you reaffirming that you aren't organized.

When you make that picture, that idea, that thought, that podcast, that tip, mean something in YOUR life- then you'll work for it. And if it doesn't mean something in your life- own it! Be happy for the person that is finding joy in that, and move on to something that will bring you peace.

Today, do a walk through.

What spaces need cleaned up? What part of your day feels draining? What relationships need assessing? Brain dump it. And then dive in to what it MEANS to address those areas. If it means nothing, dismiss the notion you need to tackle it. If it means something- make a date to dive in!

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