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You're not alone!
Level Up
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is hosted by
Brianne Coolidge &
Bethany Speer

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Hi, I'm Bri.

I am a small town girl with larger than life goals.

After growing up in a town with no stop lights, I was set on big city lights to chase dreams. Until my life turned into a country song when I met a boy at the county fair.

In the last 20 years, that man became my husband and our “country song” has seen it all- including having three babies in three years, job changes, limited margins for time and finances, and our fair share of health issues.

But one of my favorite verses was when I turned from a network marketing skeptic to a six figure earner, all because we decided to take a chance.

I love helping people see that our circumstances don’t define us, but that with mindset, heart and diving into the hard- we can design the life we want to live, create real time + financial freedom and build the legacy we want to leave behind.

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-Pastor’s wife and mama to 3 boys

-Started this business as a stay at home mama living off of a single ministry income with no margin

-Saw an open door with this opportunity and believed that our life could look different if I walked through that door.

-Became a 6 figure earner within 18 months, and we became a debt free family.

-Love empowering others to chase after their dreams through this opportunity and help them to see that the life they envision for themselves IS possible and they have the power to make it happen.

Learn from other Top Jewels

Jenny Nelms

Hey, I’m Jenny Nelms

Wife and mom to two teenagers who spends her days working from home handling the accounting for 3 companies and just happened to start up her own gut health business too.


It all started with a LOVE for some products that totally changed my health and then started sharing her journey with others.


Not only do I get to help others feel great–I have an amazing support system with friends all over the world that motivate and cheer me on, a personal growth journey that has changed my outlook and thoughts onto the “what if’s” and a pretty nice paycheck each month. I have the honor of leading a team of ladies that have become “dreamers” just like me and I would not change it for anything!

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Sarah Knollenberg

I’m Sarah and I’m the girl who never thought she had what it took to run a business but it ended up firing up a side I didn’t know I had! My husband is a worship pastor and I saw our life in a box which included me working a 9-5 job. I got pregnant and everything changed. I started praying for a way to stay home with him and God unexpectedly brought me Plexus! I’ve been a stay at home mom now for almost 5 years and to our 3 boys. 


I love getting to experience being a fully present mama and running a successful business from my phone! I’m passionate about helping others get to experience the same freedom in living the life they dream about. 

On October 17th - 19th, from 7 - 8 PM ET

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This event will help you think differently about your business and see bigger results. You'll hear from Jewel Trainers who will bring THE GOODS on how to build a business, including:

and coaching


How to find your mission.


How to close and develop a silver.


Learn about onboarding and backend systems.


Discover how to create momentum using urgency, posting & messaging.


How to become a jewel and vision casting.


And more along with live coaching!

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