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to my little corner on the web! 


Dreamer. Doer. Mama to three. Wife of a Farmer. Former Teacher turned Business woman.

And after experiencing my own life struggles and overcoming them , I'm extremely passionate about helping others, do the same!

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Small town girl, living out big time dreams.

I grew up in a small central PA town with no stop lights and often told my parents I was going to move to a big city when I graduated. I was never going to stick around. That's when God laughed a bit and started writing my country song. Just months after I graduated high school and days before I would be leaving for college I met my husband at a local county fair. Fast forward 20 super short years later, we've been through all the highs and lows of life, have three super cute and ridiculously active kiddos, and live on a farm just one town over from where I said I would never end up. We've navigated job losses, health scares, parenting woes, homeschooling, lots of DIY "honey do" projects and new adventures as we dream big and fight for a life we've designed. And what I continue to learn through it all- life is SO much better when done with a community of like minded people ready to cheer each other on in the inevitable valleys of life and then celebrate the heck out of the mountain top victories that are sure to follow. I'm glad you're here, and cannot wait to grow with you! 

our journey!

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