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     Life felt like one long episode of the movie Groundhog Day.  I wanted more. Not because I was extremely unhappy. But because I wanted to be IN the moments with my kids. I just didn't see where there was more time in the day or energy to give with three busy kids. Dreams were put on hold for the some days, but deep down I knew they weren't coming unless I made a change. I'm not here to tell you its a walk in the park. that I woke up one day and had more time, better health, and more financial freedom. BUT I will tell you that when we wake up daily with a plan to make small changes, those dreams on your heart will become a reality!  My hope is that by sharing the tips and knowledge I have gained, it will provide a community and a place to help you dive in, dream bigger, and be more present to the moments that matter most to you! I can't wait to grow through the beautiful chaos with you!

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